Monday, May 11, 2009

More fun with my book collections

My Rollyro Search Roll:

Having just added one of my book collections to LibraryThing in the previous "thing," my book collections were still on my brain when it came to creating a search roll, so I decided to create one that I could use for adding more books to my collections. I added sites that I regularly check for used and out of print titles, and even found a few I have never used before. Now I can use my search roll when I am looking for a specific title or just to explore books for sale by a specific author. This will certainly be easier than having to go to each site separately and do the search! Of course the danger is that it is now too easy, and I will spend all my salary on books - this 27 Things can be dangerous!

Oh yeah, and sure this Rollyo thing could be useful for work too. For example, you could create search rolls for commonly asked questions. Say you are always getting asked for information about animals by kids doing reports (and they always ask for really specific and obscure species - what is up with these teacher assigning these poor kids these animals that are not in any kids' book?) You could create a roll with sites you trust that have information of the type kids can use and that list the animals by species and scientific name. Then it will be really easy to find info when kids come in. Also, you could share your Rollyo search roll with your co-workers so that all your fellow staff members can benefit from your work and have an equally easy time when they are the ones to get the animal question from kids.


  1. Good ideas! I've been really uncreative with my Rollyo...

  2. I did "Ancient Egypt" and thought that would be very cool for our 6th grade class at Isleton school. Hopefully I'll have time to play with it some more and add more Rollyo's.

  3. Good idea about creating a Rollyo for cyclicl topics! It would be easy to limit the search to sited teachers accept.