Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Little RSS crazy

I get that RSS feeds make it very convenient to follow many websites, blogs, etc. It is much easier than trying to go to each individual site and pick out the new information. My problem is that I didn't do this before. I am now subscribed to 13 feeds, only two of which are from sites that I normally check on a regular basis. (OK, so I did go a little crazy on the NPR feeds, but I could actually have subscribed to many more.) If I end up checking my RSS feeds on a regular basis, I will be a much more informed person than I was before and will know more about favorite topics (like the new baby panda at the Atlanta Zoo), and I will be spending less time getting informed than if I had to go to each individual site, but it will take me more time than living in blissful ignorance, as I was doing up until this morning. To sum up, I guess I am a busier, but more informed and technologically savvy person than I was yesterday. Now, I'm off to do all that work that has been piling up while I've been exploring the wonders of RSS feeds...

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