Friday, May 22, 2009

Delicious cookie recipe

I must be really hungry or something because I somehow ended up in the recipe bookmarks section of Delicious. Ok, actually it was because when I went to the homepage and looked at popular topics, I chose the food one. Then I ended up at an article about sugar in foods, and then one about breakfast foods, and eventually I ended up reading an article with a recipe for yummy Chocolate chip and toffee shortbread. I think I will try making this recipe! The tags certainly make it easy to connect to lots of different bookmarks about the same of similar topics.

What I liked about being able to see all the people who bookmarked an article and what tags they used was that you could get an idea about who is interested in the same topics as you (in my case, food) and who is good about using lots of helpful tags. For example, when I looked at the list of 34 people who bookmarked the shortbread recipe, I noticed that "FarmgirlFare" has 7 tags for this recipe. This makes me think that she really cares about this bookmark, to take the time to create 7 tags for it. This, in turn, makes me think that maybe she will have some interesting things to say about other food topics, so I link to all her bookmarks and explore them. I can do the same with "moireach" who has added a comment, in addition to just tags, about the shortbread recipe, and therefore may have more helpful comments on other topics.

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