Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Oh - That's what an RSS feed is!

I am soooo glad that we are learning about RSS feeds because this is one of those tech terms that everyone throws around and I hated to admit that I didn't understand. In fact, I have had several people try to explain it to me, but there's nothing like setting up your own Bloglines account and subscribing to a few feeds to make it much clearer. I like that Bloglines offered some suggestions of feeds to subscribe to when you set up your account - I subscribed to a few news sources, The New York Times books, and two library-related feeds.

The fact that library-related feeds were offered in the initial set-up process made me wonder. Did Bloglines somehow know that I am a library person, or does everyone who sets up a Bloglines account get these choices? I mean, the email that I used to set up my Bloglines account makes it clear that I work for a library, but is Bloglines sophisticated enough to catch that fact from my email and offer me choices of feeds based on this? If not, I like the idea that everyone gets offered some library feeds at the outset. It makes me feel like us library folk are having an effect in technology land. OK, I probably shouldn't include myself in that category since I didn't even understand what an RSS feed was before this morning, but I salute those library folk out in the forefront of technology!

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